Videos from City & Eastern Songs

VIDEOS from the Jeffrey & Jack Lewis album CITY & EASTERN SONGS (2005)

OFFICIAL music video for “Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror” (made by Mark Locke) is here. 


OFFICIAL music video for “Anxiety Attack”on Youtube . (Made in France by Jey at Kidam – currently unavailable)


There’s a fan-made second video for “Anxiety Attack” here (made by Matt Lazenby). On Jan 17, 2008 this video was selected for the Youtube homepage by filmmaker Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep, etc) as part of “Michel Gondry curates his favorite Youtube clips for the Sundance Film Festival” – within two days it received over 150,000 new views, suddenly making this student-project clip the most-watched Jeffrey Lewis music video on Youtube (at that time)!


There’s even a THIRD video for “Anxiety Attack”


And a FOURTH video for “Anxiety Attack” (currently unavailable)


OFFICIAL music video for “Posters” on Youtube here! (Made by Mark Locke)


OFFICIAL video for album track “Had it All” is here. (Made by Greg Condon)


The fan-made video for “Posters” is back online here (made by Hedi in Germany).


Found again! The gone-missing fan-made alternate video for “Had it All” (made by Rémi Noell) is again viewable.