Original Art

Buy Jeffrey Lewis commissioned work or existing pages of artwork.

COMMISSIONS: Please write to JeffLewisBand@Gmail.com if you have requests for the creation of a specific assignment, such as “Can you draw/design a wedding invitation card? Draw a portrait of my dog? Make a logo for my band? Do a drawing of my childhood home? Make a cartoon of a flying dragon saying “happy 5th birthday Frankie”? Etc, etc. Here’s some examples of these commissions:

FOR ORIGINAL COMIX PAGES or FILM PAGES: Please write to JeffLewisBand@Gmail.com to buy original large pages from comic book issues, or to buy hand-drawn large images from any of the illustrated “film” songs.  Requests might be “Can I buy the original of Fuff #3 page 12?” or “Can I buy the image from The History Of Communism in Cuba, where Che meets Fidel for the first time?” Etc, etc. Here’s an image that was sold from the French Revolution:

OTHER: Please write to JeffLewisBand@Gmail.com to request other kinds of Jeffrey Lewis artwork.  For example, people have bought the below illustrated album cover image and tour poster art (and if you want some other ideas, there are many examples of previous requests and commissions here!).