Tour Dates Archive 2004


(Most show dates for 2004 were not documented. The touring year started with a London show opening for the Fall, the debut UK performance of Jeff Lewis Band drummer David Beauchamp (replacing 2002-2003 Jeff Lewis Band drummer Anders Griffen), followed by a February UK/Europe tour.)

Jan 10, 2004 – WFMU radio session, New Jersey. The band was Jeffrey, Jack, Dave, Matt Mottell on keys and Orion Rigel on cello, during the brief period when we were a 5-piece band. A full recording of this session exists. I think it was on the OCDJ show.

The following sketchy Feb 2004 tour-dates are all I can find documented in an email from the time period… maybe somebody can help fill in the blanks.

> Mon Feb 2 – Dave, Jeff and Jack arrive in London?

> Tues Feb 3 at the Monarch in London, with Ill Ease & THE FALL

(A review from The Fall message board: “I will start with the technical details 1. They came on at 10.40. Chatting to Jefferey Lewis, the support act, who saw them both nights they apparently came on later than their advertised 10.00 on the Monday but not as late as 1o.40 2. There was a tout on the door claiming to be buying and selling tickets though I’m unsure if: a. he had any tickets (as there were none issued) b. how he would sell you a tickets (your names on the door honest guv) 3. Some people appeared to be paying I am unsure if this was by prior arrangment or they held some tickets back or they crammed a couple of extra in. My mate could not get in with cash at 9.20 To the show The previously mentioned Jefferey Lewis was magnificent, even creating a song highlighting the Fall’s 25 years in the industry. It was illustrated with a self penned series of A3 pictures which he had apparently knocked up over the previous couple of days. He managed to capture the spirit of the band visually and verbally with the sharp wit he demonstrated for the whole evening. The Fall, when they eventually did come on were also at the height of their powers. I’m sure someone will supply the set list on this link so I won’t. Mark could be seen almost smiling at moments. He moved round the stage in his normal manner. adjusting sound setting , staring at his hand for long periods while singing and making a variety of bonus noises on various instruments. He also managed to knock a camera out of someones hand, deliberatly and tap / hit someone on the head with his mic. All in all a great night out. If you have the chance to go tonight take it.”

Also from the Fall message board: “In no particular order: Boxoctosis/TelephoneThing/Mountain/LocoMan/Janet&James/Sparta/Contraflow/Middlemass/Walk Like A Man/BourgeoisTown/Pharmacist/NEW BIG PRINZ (awesome)/Encore was Dr Buck’s Letter They played for an hour and it was bloody good. Jefferey Lewis was also highly entertaining, his Fall documentary was brilliant.” )

> Wed Feb 4 -? (trying to get an Arts Cafe show)

> Thu Feb 5 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Holland

> Fri Feb 6 ?

> Sat Feb 7 Dordrecht, Holland

> Sun Feb 8 Lintfabriek – Kontich (near Antwerp), Belgium

> Mon Feb 9 – Paris show with Kevin Coyne is back on schedule!  at Le Noeveau Casino (I recall that Kimya Dawson was in attendance for some reason)(there is a recording of this show)

> Tues Feb 10 The Ekko, Utrecht, Holland with Adam Green (tbc)

> Wed Feb 11 – ?

> Thu Feb 12 -? maybe start recording in B’ham

> Wed Feb 18 – possibly show with Ballboy at Dingwall’s in Camdentown, London

> Thu Feb 19 – fly home to NYC?

Sat Feb 28 – Winter Antifolk Fest, Sidewalk Cafe NYC. 7:30- Amy Hills, 8- TBA, 8:30- Miwa, 9- Dave Deporis, 9:30- Lydia Doran and Jim Saxa, 10- Thomas Truax, 11- Joie DBG, 12- Jeffrey Lewis (band?)

Spring 2004?

Summer 2004?

Tuesday, August 31, 2004- NYC – Cross-Pollination XVIII at Apocalypse Lounge (189 E 3rd St b/t Aves. A & B, F or V to 2nd Ave) 8:30 pm – Doors Open (No Cover. Two drink minimum.) 9:00 pm – Andre Herman Dune 9:45 pm – Jeff Lewis 10:30 pm – Cross-Pollination Set featuring Andre Herman Dune & Jeff Lewis 10:45 pm – Dessert Set: Barry Bliss >

Jeff Lewis Band September UK Tour 2004!

Sept 15 – Oxford – (The Cellar, with Misty’s Big Adventure and the Epstiens)

Sept 16 – London (Brixton Windmill, with Misty’s Big Adventure and The Loners)

Sept 17 – Bristol (The Crypt, with I Know I Have No Collar and The Loners)

Sept 18- Birmingham – (The Jug of Ale, Mosely, with Bom’s Magic Drumstick)

Sept 19 – Nottingham (The Social, 23 Pelham St, with the Wave Pictures)

Sept 20 – Manchester (Star & Garter, with Misty’s Big Adventure and Jeff(Butterflies of Love) Greene)

Sept 21 – Hull (Adelphi – “Artists Against Success” festival)

Sept 22 – Leeds (Brudenell Social Club, with Misty’s Big Adventure)

Sept 23 – Leicester (Sumo, Braunstone Gate -with Misty’s Big Adventure)

September 25 – The GDMW Festival in Rotterdam, Holland!

October 2004 European tour dates:

Tues Oct 5 – Leige, Belgium (L¹Escalier), with Francoiz Breut & Parrondo (26 Rue St Jean-en-Isle, 4000 Liege; tel.: 04/221.02.44)
Wed Oct 6 – Gent, Belgium (Video)
Thur Oct 7 -Paris, France (Pop In) (plus Jeffrey & Jack do an in-store performance at Ground Zero Records in Paris, Pascal Regis has some footage of this)
Fri Oct 8 – Toulouse, France (The Gate – 34 Rue Des Blanchers – 31000 Toulouse)
Sat Oct 9 – Bordeaux, France (Le Cave)
Sun Oct 10 – Annecy, France (Le Comptoir de la Folie Ordinaire, 32 Rue des Marquisats, 74000 Annecy )
Mon Oct 11 – Strasbourg, France (Le café des Anges )
Tues Oct 12 – Darmstadt,Germany (Oetinger Villa)
Wed Oct 13 -Hamburg, Germany (Weltbhuene) with DAN MONAGHAN! (I recall we had a particularly great show)
Thur Oct 14 – Frankfurt, Germany (Clubkeller) with DAN MONAGHAN!
Fri Oct 15 – Cologne (Koln), Germany (“Are You Fucking Independant?” Festival, at Blue Shell, Luxemburgerstr. 32, 50674 Köln (Cologne), near Babarossaplatz, across from Stereo Wonderland.

Sat Oct 16 – Poitiers, France (festival)(Confort Moderne) (I have some photos somebody mailed me from this gig).

Sun Oct 17 – Nantes, France(Violon Dingue)

Tues Oct 19 – Lille, France (La Rumeur)

Wed Oct 20 – Tourcoing, France (Grand Mix, with Cocorosie and Devendra Banhart )

Thur Oct 21 – Berbroek, Belgium (Double Deuce), with ILL EASE

Fri Oct 22 – Paris, France (Mains d’‘uvres, with the Little Rabbits!)


Sun Oct 24 Hanbury Ballroom, Brighton, UK(with Scout Niblet)–to be confirmed -Jack Lewisfaire (with david Beauchamp and Andre Herman Dune)
Mon Oct 25 Here bookshop, Bristol, UK – Jack Lewisfaire (with david Beauchamp and Andre Herman Dune)

The Jeffrey Lewis Band East Coast US tour!

With Langhorne Slim! And Billy Blood (feat. James Tothe of Golden Calves/Blood Group/Wooden Wand fame)!

(Anybody have floors we can sleep on in NC and/or TN?)

Tues Nov 9 – Washington DC at dc9 – 1940 9th st NW, phone 202 483 5000 9 pm, 7 bucks, 21 and up

Wed Nov 10 – Baltimore MD at Mojo – 4825 Bel Air Road, phone 410 325 7427; 9 pm, 21 and up, with Tippy Canoe, 6 $

Thurs Nov 11 – Carrboro, NC at De La Luz – 307 E Main St, phone 919 929 1208 ALL AGES, 7$

;Fri Nov 12 – Winston-Salem, NC at Werehouse – 211 E 3rd St, phone 336 722 2064 ALL AGES, 9 pm, 6$

Sat Nov 13 – Murfreesboro, TN at Red Rose – 528 W College St, phone 615 893 1405 with Biffs Deville, doors 8pm, 5$

Thurs, Dec 9 – Pianos (Lower East Side Manhattan – 158 Ludlow at Stanton St.) – 7$ 8 – Ian Thomas 8:30 – Charles Zerner 9:15 – JAYMAY 10 – Echolalia 11 – Jeff Lightning Lewis & the Meteorites

Friday, Dec 10 – Purchase University Purchase, New York Lance Romance, Huggabroomstick, Guitar Situations (featuring featuring Babs, Jeff & Jack Lewis, Dave Miko & Wynelle Bridge), Dufus

Tues, Dec 14 (this is a correction, I originally listed it as Dec 7)- On NY Cable TV, Ch. 57, 10:30-11:00 PM. Tuli Kupferberg’s TV show Revolting News will be airing the SECOND part of the Ed Sanders birthday party special, which does NOT feature the Jeff Lewis Band, but includes the remainder of the performances from that great evening – Pete Stampfel’s band; Ed Sanders reading from his new book “A History of America in Verse Vol. 3”; Tuli reading and singing, and other stuff!

Dec 17 – Brooklyn – Free 103- Guitar Situations (featuring Babs, Jeff & Jack Lewis, Dave Miko & Wynelle Bridge) – more info to come.

Sun Dec 26 – Kimya Dawson’s annual “Off the Sauce” show at Sidewalk (Ave A & E. 6th St in Manhattan) Hamell On Trial! Kimya Dawson! Jeffrey Lewis & the Zietgeistbusters! Concept of India! (featuring Jack Stipplicon) and Brian Piltin!

Casa BENEFIT SHOW SAT. DEC 11: “The Casa Del Sol kids are getting together at C Squat (9th St. & Ave C) for a benefit concert to help fund the establishment of a new building for the newly-homeless collective. It’s a great show starting at 7 PM Saturday– the first band, whose name i forget, will go on at eight, followed by the Crack Rocksteady 3, then the X Possibles, then Piss Death, and last, the synth/deathrock/carnival stylings of the inimitable Guns Fire Mayhem. Admission is a suggested donation of five bucks, all of which goes straight to the ex-Casa collective, now informally known as the Casa Del Fuego Collective. Please come out to support, to have a good time, to eulogize this passing era, and to ring in a new one with a whole bunch of old faces and new friends. And please try to be considerate of the C Squat kids, because lord knows we don’t need TWO evictions in one week.” “As always, call Jonathan at 646 334 1043 or Thadaeus at 800 825 1713 for more info. Thanks again to everyone– come out and have a good time.”