October 2001

1) So Long (I'm Gonna Go Draw All Alone In My Shack) (A re-recording of this song appears on the "Call it What You Want" compilation on Olive Juice Records)
2) Sea Song (early version) (Re-recorded in 2002 with full band for inclusion on the "...Ones Who've Cracked..." album)
3) The Miners and the Magic Rock (this was later turned into an illustrated "lo-budget film" song)
4) No Feelings in My Heart
5) Evil Pirate Song
6) Chicago (What's the Plan?)
7) Tower One and Tower Two
8) Nothing Bothers Me Anymore (re-write of a Joe Bendik song)
9) Matter Can't Be Destroyed/So What
10) Kaleidoscope of Love
11) Alphabet ("guitar version of Aaron H.") (cuts off) (The keyboard-based song "Aaron H." was originally on the Austin recordings; re-arranged for guitar it turned into the song Alphabet on this tape, later "officially" recorded in 2002 for the "...Ones Who've Cracked..." CD.)

Never released. 30 minute cassette album of Jeff acoustic boombox recordings. Track 8 is based on a Joe Bendik song of the same title.

This would probably have been the 5th “album” in the series of annual cassette albums made 1998-2000 (from “Indie-Rock Fortune Cookie” to “I Am, Of Course, Glad”) but Sept 2001 saw the CD release of the Rough Trade album “The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane” which meant the end of self-released cassettes and the beginning of “official” CD albums, and the beginning of making recordings in recording studios, starting in 2002. So this cassette collection of songs was never finished and duplicated with artwork the way the previous years’ cassettes were.