Guitar Situations: Musical Conduct

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January 2002

1) 5 Stories
2) Annotations
3) Tears
4) Smiles
5) Naive
6) Empire
7) Triple Our 1000 (A.K.A "Triple Our K", A.K.A "3RK")
8) Suite for 3 guitars and 3 voices
9) Celebrate

9 song CDR recorded by Justin Asher at “The Shop” studio near Ithaca, NY, representing a selection of Guitar Situations songs written collaboratively since summer 2000. The Guitar Situations lineup is fluid, but all incarnations represented on the album include Jeffrey Lewis, and 5 also include Jack Lewis. Other members featured on the album include Dave “Pasquali Creepers” Miko, Abigail “Babs” Todras, Andy “Bodes” Bodor, and Chris “Blue-Collard Greens” Collard. 200 copies made, with 6 variant cover instrument stickers. (First released January 2002)

Guitar Situations: Musical Conduct


Three of the six front cover variants:Guitar Situations: Musical Conduct