The Only Time I Feel Right Is When I’m Drawing Comic Books

The Only Time I Feel Right Is When I'm Drawing Comic Books
December 1999

Side A
1) Dance Myself To Death (version two)
2) Hippie (early version)
3) Seattle (version two)
4) The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane (version three)
5) Teenage Style (Jack solo bass/vocal boombox recording)
6) I Mugged Ray Johnson (Main Title Theme) (live at the Knitting Factory)
7) Complete History of Jeff's Sexual Conquests, Volume I

Side B
8) 6 Stories
9) Crow Ballad
10) 8 Pictures (Jack solo bass/vocal boombox recording)
11) What Are You Doing Over There? (Jack solo bass/vocal boombox recording)
12) Back When I Was 4 (early version)
13) Springtime

60 minute cassette album, comprised of Jeff acoustic songs recorded by Spencer Chakedis on ProTools, Jack solo bass/vocal boombox recordings, a live track from the Knitting Factory and “Dance Myself To Death” from version two. Maybe a hundred copies made/sold over the following year (for three dollars; five page comic and fortune included) (Version three, winter/spring 1999-2000)