Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Journey To The Center Of The Earth
September 1999

Side A
1) Flood (version one)
2) Gold (version one)
3) Great Big City Sunshine
4) New York City Boy/War in the Neighborhood
5) His Name Was Water
6) Message
7) Fig

Side B
8) I Don't Understand Why People Act So Mean
9) He Heard a Rap 1 Day
10) September
11) Journey To the Center Of the Earth
12) The Crawling Man
13) Bite the Bullet (Get a Job)
14) When I'm Inking
15) Song For the Sidewalk Cafe

60 minute cassette album of 15 Jeff solo walkman recordings, recorded in one sitting. Probably less than a hundred copies made and sold over the following year (for three dollars; four page comic included). (Summer 1999)