I Am, Of Course, Glad

I Am, Of Course, Glad
July 2000

Side A
1) Graveyard(first version)
2) Together We Form Jeff
3) Champion Jim
4) Big Fat Birds
5) The Universe Is An Open Mic Too
6) Domingo Roso
7) Sal's Pizza Has Sold Out To The Yuppie Scum
8) Sandy
9) The Door
10) Mesmeric Revelation part 2

Side B
11) Psychotropic Death
12) Beach Party(early recording)
13) Spontaneous Combustion Engine
14) Let's Get Fucked Up
15) Song For H.O.T. Apologies To J.C.M.
16) In The Past They Told Us (Guitar Situations song with Babs)
17) Swells (Guitar Situations song with Babs)
18) Mesmeric Revelation part 1

60 minute cassette of Jeff solo boombox/walkman recordings. Probably less than fifty copies made and sold over the following months (for three dollars; four page comic included). (Summer 2000)