The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band: Both Ways (The Great Lost 2017 Double​-​Album​!​)

August 2021

The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band: Both Ways (The Great Lost 2017 Double​-​Album​!​)

1. "Side One!" (Disc One)
2. Both Ways
3. New Lang Syne
4. The Tennessee Crud
5. Keiron's Kaleidoscope (group rendition)
6. Brand New Ways to Waste Your Life
7. Tiny Little Bugs

8. "Side Two!"
9. Log-Ins & PINs
10. True Tax Forms
11. Sometimes I See
12. Birdies in the Wood (Brilliancy Medley)
13. #87 (e e cummings)
14. Going to See the King

15. "Side Three!" (Disc Two)
16. Black Leather Swamp Nazi
17. The New Old Georgia Stomp
18. Cycle Annie (The Beachnuts)
19. Cajun Polka
20. Orgone Accumulator (Hawkwind)

21. "Side Four!"
22. Song for the Women's March, Jan 21, 2017
23. Internet
24. Marquee Moon (Television)
25. Same White Light
26. Keiron's Kaleidoscope

“Both Ways” – the great, lost 2017 double-LP!
The recordings for this Stampfel/Lewis magnum opus were wrapped up way back in 2018 but remained in a top secret vault.
Now, like that Wu-Tang Clan album which only exists as one physical copy (you know, the one that sold for $2 million in 2015) this is a one-copy-in-the-world double-vinyl gatefold LP, it’s on 10-zillion-karat gold-plated vinyl (as can be obviously seen in the pix here), and just to top the Wu’s world record price, we are selling this one-of-a-kind double LP for $2 million and ONE dollars.
However, since $2,000,001.00 might be a little pricey for you, as a special deal for the hoi polloi we now offer the entire double LP as a download on Bandcamp for a more affordable price.
HEAR! Perhaps the final full-voiced recordings of the great Peter Stampfel before his pipes were diminished by dysphonia.
HEAR! The Lewis/Stampfel Band live favorites “Black Leather Swamp Nazi” and “Cajun Polka” and others which were such hits on our tours of 2013 and 2015!
HEAR! Our audacious acoustic attempt at Marquee Moon, and other such hubris!
HEAR! Many other and sundry sonic gems herein! Four sides of 10-zillion-karat gold!
Download comes with full liner notes PDF.
Released (digital only) August 26, 2021


Peter Stampfel: fiddle, banjo, vocals
Jeffrey Lewis: guitar & F/X, piano, melodica, harmonica, vocals
Mem Pahl: bass, vocals
Brent Cole: drums, vocals
Heather Wagner: drums, vocals
Spencer Chakedis: mandolin, 12-string guitar, vocals
Rick Snell: acoustic guitar, mandolin
Julie LaMendola, saw, vocals
Leslie Graves: vocals
Chrissy Howland: vocals
Rebecca Tilles: vocals
Rachel Swaner: accordion on Cajun Polka, vocals
Steve Espinola: additional Hammond organ on Going to See the King
Recorded by Brian Speaker at SpeakerSonic Studios, Brooklyn NY.