2021 Tapes

December 2021

2021 Tapes (Suddenly It's Been Too Late for a Long Time)

1. Rising Moon
2. The Contradictions of Morality (unfinished) 
3. Goodbye Forever Again (sung w/ Nellie Bridge)
4. I Wanna Be Vaccinated (recorded w/ Sleepy Kitty)
5. When My Girlfriend Moves Away
6. (...) 
7. I Had Turned Into a Caveman 
8. Now We've Beat That Stupid Virus We Can Get Back to Our Stupid Lives 
9. Throw Myself Against the Wall
10. Black Lives MATTER?!? $^@*# That. Black POWER!!! 
11. Elbow Grease 
12. (....)
13. Not What We Want
14. Blue Champagne (written at the request of Peter Stampfel)
15. She's Sowing Her Wild Oats 
16. No Right Way to Live 
17. (.....) 
18. It Happens in Florida (orig. written by the Burning Hell) 
19. Long Distance Relationship With My Life 
20. Any More Than She Tried 

Jeffrey says:
When I started making up songs in the late 90s I would usually make a tape full of songs at least once a year. It was all from following the example of how Daniel Johnston had done it. All my 20+ years of recording songs I owe to Daniel! Here’s a tape of stuff from 2021, for whoever might be interested. Not making physical copies though. Thanks for your support.

Released December 26, 2021 (digital release only)

All songs by Jeffrey Lewis, but #18 is from the Burning Hell and #14 was written for Peter Stampfel because he wanted new words to the old Watts-Ryerson song from the early 40s. And #4 “Vaccinated” is based on the Joey Ramone “Sedated” song that was based on the Alice Cooper “Elected” song that was based on the Dennis Dunaway(?) “Reflected” song. Mostly home recordings played into a voice-memo thing. Nellie Bridge is doing the additional vocal on #3, Sleepy Kitty (Paige and Evan) played/recorded the backing band stuff on #4 (and the drums on #8), and Damian Quinones is the one playing the lead guitar on #16. Damian also helped engineer some of #8 at his apartment.
Mastered by Brian Speaker.
(Brian Speaker also mixed #4 and #8)