2022 Tapes

March 2023

2022 Tapes! Slices of Water (and Song Junk)

  1. Ice Age
  2. Keep it Cruel
  3. Keep On Loving 
  4. Be Proud (A Jewish Holiday Song)
  5. What in the Hell is the Motherfucking Point of Anything Ever
  6. Get Them Before They Get You
  7. Mom is Old
  8. Too Lonely to Hang Out
  9. Stood Up By Cupid
  10. Mr. Insister
  11. Rooted to the Spot
  12. At the Miserable End
  13. What is Your Who (unfinished) 
  14. Who's That Man
  15. Our System Sucks (unfinished)
  16. I've Got Good Things
Jeffrey says:
When I started making up songs in the late 90s I would usually make a tape full of songs at least once a year. It was all from following the example of how Daniel Johnston had done it. All my 20+ years of recording songs I owe to Daniel! Here’s a tape of some stuff from 2022, for whoever might be interested. Not making physical copies though. Thanks for your support.

Released March 3, 2023

All songs by Jeffrey Lewis.
Violin on #3 by Mallory Feuer.
Mastered by Brian Speaker.