“Low-Budget Films”

There are over 45 “Low-Budget Films” in the Jeffrey Lewis low budget cinematic career… Some of these are “Low-Budget Music Videos,” others are “Low-Budget Documentaries,” and all 45+ of them were drawn in marker and crayon on large pads of newsprint paper. Here’s footage of some of them.

A (partial) list of Jeffrey Lewis illustrated “Low-Budget Films”:

The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song (2000)

Gold (2000)

The Crow Ballad (2001)

I Saw a Hippie Girl on 8th Avenue (2002)

Champion Jim (2002)

Floating Away Pt 1 (2002)

Floating Away Pt 2 (2002)

The History of Rough Trade Records (2003)

The History of K Records (2003)

The Miners and the Magic Rock (2003)

Mark E Smith & the Fall (2004)

As I Wandered Across the Land (The Red Hand) (2005)

History of Communism Pt 1-2 (2005)

The Creeping Brain (2006)

Communism 3: The Russian Revolution (2006)

Communism 4: China (2006)

The History of Writing (2007)

A Low-Budget Detective Flick (2007)

Communism 5: Korea (2007)

A Biography of Barack Obama (2008)

Nirvana: Sifting (2009)

Nirvana: Big Cheese (2009)

Nirvana: Mr. Moustache (2009)

Jeff Buckley: Mojo Pin (2009)

Sitting Bull (2010)

The Fall of Rome (2010)

The Peloponnesian War (2010)

The Cuban Missile Crisis (2010)

The Mayflower (2010)

The Space Alien’s Bright Idea (2010)

A Low-Budget XXX Film (The Dirty Bird) (2011)

The Fall of the Soviet Union (2011)

 Pocahontas (2011)

Marco Polo (2011)

The French Revolution (2011)

The Renaissance (2011)

Low-Budget Biopic of Alan Moore (2013)

Communism 6: Vietnam (2014)

Superhero Crossover Team-up (2015)

Communism 7: Cuba (2016)

A Low-Budget Public Service Announcement (2016)

A Low-Budget Nature Program: Cannibal Monkeys (2017)

The History of Manufaktur Club (2018)

(Low-Budget Library) The Great Gatsby (2020)

(Low-Budget Criterion Collection) Star Wars (2020)

My Presidential Choice 2020 (2020)

The Story of Chile (2020)