13 Fall Songs

November 2018

Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts: 13 Fall Songs  (His Waves)

"Live + Lo-Fi + Lacking Rehearsal!"

(self-released Nov 2018; only available on CD)


01. 03/30/18 Cardiff (Wales Goes Pop festival)

02. 03/31/18 Bristol

03. 04/01/18 Brighton (early show)

04. 04/01/18 Brighton (late show)

05. 04/02/18 Norwich

06. 04/03/18 Leicester

07. 04/04/18 Liverpool

08. 04/18/18 Aalborg, Denmark*

09. 04/05/18 Halifax (late show)

10. 04/06/18 York

11. 04/07/18 Sheffield

12. 04/08/18 London (early show) 

13. 04/08/18 London (late show)

*The recording of the Halifax early show was lost, so this song was played again in Aalborg, Denmark.

All recordings officially licensed. 


“When I’m dead and gone
My vibrations will live on
In vibes on vinyl through the years
People will dance to my waves
Rock it! Rock it!
It’s quester psykick dance hall
Step aboard for
ESP medium discord”

– MES (elusive big one), “Psykick Dance Hall,” 1979

MES RIP on 01/24/18. JL & LB on tour in UK in 03-04/18, doing 13 gigs in 10 days, start each gig with a different Fall song. No lyric sheets, no song played more than once. Small recording device placed in the back of each room.

Jeffrey = guitar, keys (with foot-stomp)

Mem = bass

Brent = drums

Mastered by Brian Speaker

All songs written by Mark E Smith and the mighty Fall.