Tour Dates Archive 2002


57 known gigs below.

Most show dates from 2002 have not been documented, but here’s some stuff we think happened…

January 2002 Jeffrey & Jack Lewis (as a duo) tour of Holland (our first time playing continental Europe)

Wed Jan 23- Jeffrey & Jack arrive in Amsterdam… and play live at VPRO’s Club Lek in Amsterdam (plus they do a short set at Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam). The Moldy Peaches play the Club Lek gig also.

Thurs Jan 24 – Groningen, Holland -Vera Club- Jeffrey & Jack Lewis, on the bill with Manishevitz and Julie Doiron.

Fri Jan 25- Amsterdam, Paradiso (De Nachten Festival). Jeffrey & Jack play the small room upstairs, The Moldy Peaches also play (the big room downstairs).

Sat Jan 26- Amsterdam, VPRO session AND Antwerpen, Singel (De Nachten Festival). The Moldy Peaches also play at the Antwerp fest gig (and so does Bobby Conn).

Sun Jan 27 – Day off

Mon Jan 28- Rotterdam, Rotown

Tues Jan 29 – Back to the States

Sometime between, like probably Feb 2002, we started playing with Anders Griffen on drums, the first time Jeffrey/Jack had played with a drummer. It started because Jeffrey/Jack needed a drummer to play on our recording of The Modern Age (by The Strokes), the b-side of the Back When I Was 4 single… it was recorded at Spencer Chakedis’ Balloon Heaven studio way out in Brooklyn, where Turner Cody was living at the time drinking 40s in the morning, Anders came in and we recorded the song. That evening Jeffrey/Jack had a gig at this place in Red Hook called the Three Pigeons or something like that, and we invited Anders to join in the set, so that was our first live gig with drums (Dave Miko was in the audience). According to Anders there had previously been a couple gigs that were just Jeffrey & Anders as a duo, while Jack was still in classes up at Bard College, Anders says it was at Pete’s Candy Store and at Sidewalk, must have been Feb 2002, with Anders just playing quiet snare stuff. Jack must have come in to town just for a weekend to record the single, Anders says it was a Saturday morning.

March 2002 – Austin, TX. Jeffrey & Jack Lewis (as a duo) play SXSW.

Spring 2002 – Jeffrey Lewis tours UK opening for Cornershop, with Anders Griffen on drums and Seth Faergolzia on bass. Gigs on this Cornershop UK tour included Leeds (Cockpit), Sheffield (Leadmill), London (Shepherds Bush Empire), and other locations.

April 15(?) -I think the first gig was in Norwich, and Seth had missed his flight, so it was just Jeffrey/Anders, plus a volunteer from the audience on bass for one song.

April 16, Colcester Arts Center, Essex (opening for Cornershop)

April 18, Leeds – The Cockpit

April 20, Sheffield – The Leadmill

April 21 or 22, Brighton – Concorde2

April 23 – London, Shepherds Bush Empire (w/ The Toes)


Spring 2002 – Jeffrey Lewis & Guitar Situations tour the eastern USA opening for Cornershop, with Dave Miko on guitar/keys/vox, Andy Bodor on bass/keys/vox, Abby Todras on percussion/keys/vox. At the NYC gig and the Philly gig the band was supplemented by Jack Lewis on bass/vox and Anders Griffen on drums.

Mon May 6 – Chapel Hill – Cat’s Cradle (opening for Cornershop)

Wed May 8 – Boston, Paradise Theater (opening for Cornershop) (The band was Jeffrey Lewis, Abby Todras, Andy Bodor, Anders Griffen, Dave Miko)

Thurs May 9 – NYC, Irving Plaza (opening for Cornershop) (The band was Jeffrey Lewis, Jack Lewis, Abby Todras, Andy Bodor, Anders Griffen, Dave Miko)

Fri May 10 – Philadelphia, Trocadero (opening for Cornershop) (The band was Jeffrey Lewis, Jack Lewis, Abby Todras, Andy Bodor, Anders Griffen, Dave Miko) (note: after this gig the tour continued with NO Anders and NO Jack)

Sat May 11 – Washington DC – 9:30 Club (opening for Cornershop)

Thu May 16 – Detroit – Majestic (opening for Cornershop. Were Detroit Grand Pubas also on this bill?)

Fri May 17 – Chicago – The Metro (opening for Cornershop. Were Detroit Grand Pubas also on this bill?)


Summer 2002 – Jeffrey Lewis, with Jack Lewis & Anders Griffen, tour as a band trio for the first time… first tours of Germany and Ireland (both with Jacob Golden). Also London, where a Peel session was recorded on July 31st, live at Maida Vale BBC1, Delaware Rd, London (as well as a one-day studio session where basic tracks for 6 of the songs on “It’s the Ones Who’ve Cracked That the Light Shines Through” were recorded). Gigs included Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, and also Dublin and elsewhere. Probably 4 gigs in Germany and 4 gigs in Ireland (including the first Ireland gig, in Belfast, where the P.A. blew up and we finished the set in the parking lot, Anders says a band called Desert Hearts was there in attendance and he almost got in a fight with them?), and probably at least one gig in London (but what venue?).

Sun July 28, 2002 – Central Park Summerstage NYC -(I still have the backstage pass with the date on it)Jeffrey Lewis (w/ Jack Lewis, Anders Griffen and Rachel Lipson), opening for Adam Green (solo acoustic, debuting some songs from his upcoming Friends of Mine album), and headliner Beth Orton. (I recall the night before there was a party at my parents’ apartment (they were out of town), and I had dragged myself up to Central Park forgetting the crucial piece of gear, my guitar pick-up, luckily Abby was still asleep at my folks’ place so I called and woke her up and had her rush up to Central Park in a taxi with the pick-up.- Jeffrey)

Wed July 31, 2002 – Peel session was recorded on July 31st, live at Maida Vale BBC1, Delaware Rd, London (members of Cornershop were in attendance, but they must have been about to leave for NYC because it seems that Cornershop played NYC Summerstage on Aug 4).

According to Anders we played a London gig, possibly at a Barfly venue, with Jarvis Cocker in attendance? Yes, in fact it was:

Thurs Aug 1 – London – The Barfly

Aug 2 – Cologne/Koln, Germany – Gebaude 9 (The first gig of the European tour, where we first met Bjoern of Locas In Love)

What other Germany gigs were there in Aug 2002? Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin…

Emmet says: The first Irish tour in Aug 2002 was a Rough Trade tour organised by Jay Ahern. There were goodie bags provided by Vital Distribution (with Rough Trade stuff in each bag and more) im nearly sure it was the following –

Aug 8th, 2002- Belfast, Ireland – The Menagerie – w/ Jacob Golden

Aug 9th, 2002- Dublin, Ireland- Whelans- w/ The Chalets/Jacob Golden

Aug 10th, 2002- Myrtleville, Cork, Ireland – Pine Lodge- w/ Weevil/Jacob Golden /DJ Jay Ahern (free adm show by the sea)

Aug 11th, 2002- Limerick, Ireland– The Savoy (downstairs) – w/ Jacob Golden


Oct 22, 2002 – Knitting Factory NYC – A gig with Jeffrey/Jack/Anders that was recorded… Guitar Situations were the opening act, with Jeffrey/Jack/Nellie/Abby. It was Jack’s birthday (turning 22?)

Fall 2002 – Jeffrey Lewis organized the Antifolk Tour of UK/Europe, starting in the UK with the Jeffrey Lewis band (Jeffrey, Jack & Anders), Kimya Dawson, Toby Goodshank, Prewar Yardsale, Seth Faergolzia, Major Matt Mason, and Misty’s Big Adventure (and photographer Maurice Narcis along as well). Starting with about 11 people traveling together in UK, then a stripped-down touring party for the Europe gigs. HERE is an email that Jeffrey sent to the other touring partners, on Oct 31, 2002, just a couple weeks before the tour was to begin, so we can assume it went something like this (including finances and travel details!):

Antifolk European Tour 2002

England: (6 acts: Dufus/Major Matt Mason/Prewar Yardsale/Jeffrey Lewis/Kimya Dawson/Toby Goodshank -with Anders/Jack/Maurice, 10 travellers total)

Thur, Nov 14-Spitz, London – (600 quid? Strangefruit festival)

Fri, Nov 15 – Newcastle – 200 vs 70 % (The Cluny, Lime St, 0191-230-4474)

Sat, Nov 16 – Birmingham -200&?(7PM, Jug of Ale, 43 Alcester Road, Mosely – contct Mark 0121-256-1303/07929-217699 or Steve at Awkward Records: 0121 441 2399 )

Sun, Nov 17 – Leicester – 200 vs 70%(Intrntl Arts Centr, Garden St, 0116-255-4854/262-2279)

Mon, Nov 18 – Brighton – Komedia (Gardner Street, 01273 647100) 300

Tues, Nov 19 – Leeds (Brudnell Social Club,Strangeways Production, ) (these 6 shows will pay approx 1700 pounds minimum for the group. If van rental for one week is estimated at 400 pounds, plus, say 200 pounds for gas (I’m totally pulling these numbers out of thin air) that’s 600 in costs which leaves 1100 pounds to split among the 9 performers, that’s about 120 pounds/180euro profit per person for this first week, not counting potential merch sales nor my potential math errors)

N. England/Scotland: (5 acts: Dufus/Major Matt Mason/Jeffrey Lewis/Kimya/Toby – with Anders/Jack/Maurice, 8 travellers total)

Wed, Nov 20 – Hull – Adelphi (89 DeGreys, 01482 348216) 200 vs 70% (Jeffrey’s 27th Birthday)

Thur, Nov 21 – Sheffield Uni Student Union Fuzz Club (0114 222 8565) 200 flat fee & accommodation

Fri, Nov 22 – Glasgow – Barfly – (Clyde Street, 0870 907 0099)350 vs. 70% (these three will make approx 750 pounds min for the group – about 1100 euro?)

Ireland: (5 acts: Dufus/Major Matt Mason/Jeffrey Lewis/Kimya/Toby – with Anders/Jack/Maurice, 8 travellers total)

Sat, Nov 23rd – Belfast – Auntie Annies

Sun, Nov 24th -Limerick– Costelloes Tavern – 300euro vs 70%, plus food/rider/accom

Mon, Nov 25th – Cork– The Lobby Bar- 300euro vs 70%, plus food/rider/accom

Tues, Nov 26th -Dublin -The Cobblestone – 300euro vs 70%, plus food/rider/accom (the 3 confirmed shows will make approx 900 euro minimum, bringing total to approx 2000 euros)

England, again: (5 acts: Dufus/MMM/Jeff Lewis/Kimya/Toby – with Anders/Jack/Maurice, 8 travellers total)

Thur, Nov 28th – Oxford -Port Mahon, St Clements, 01865 202067 (300-400 pounds & accomodation) (300 pounds is approx 400 euro, bringing our total to approx 2400 euro for the North UK/Ireland tour. If van rental for the second week, plus Ireland insurance charges, will cost about 600 pounds/900 euro, that leaves 1500 euro. I have no idea how to estimate the gas costs – if I pull a number out of thin air and say 500 euros that leaves 1000 euros. If ferry transportation costs an estimated additional 500 euro, that leaves 500 euro to share between the 7 performers, lets say 80 euro profit each for this second week. Not counting potential merch sales. And not counting potential show payments above the gurantees. And having no clue about actual van/gas prices.)

Belgium: (4 acts: Dufus/Jeff/Kimya/Toby – with Anders/Jack/Maurice, 7 travellers total)

Sat, Nov 30th – Hasselt, JJ records (in-store performance, set up at 5 PM, play at 6. Unpaid, but “good promo”, and Steve, the guy setting it up, is putting us up for the night and feeding us. So that’s like payment. Plus he lives near where we play that night in Berbroek)

Sat, Nov 30th – Berbroek, Double Deuce

Sun, Dec 1st – Diksmuide, 4AD, w/accomodation (unconfirmed)

Holland: (4 acts: Dufus/Jeff/Kimya/Toby – with Anders/Jack/Maurice, 7 travellers total)

Mon, Dec 2nd – Groningen, Minerva (for “Vera Club Art Exhibition”, 90 minutes TOTAL stagetime to share)

Tues, Dec 3rd – Utrecht, Ekko

Wed, Dec 4th – Rotterdam, Rotown

Thur, Dec 5th – Amsterdam, Paradiso, with LOW (Again, 90 minutes TOTAL stage time; NEW ARRANGEMENT: Low is on at 2100 in downstairs room, and we go on at 2300 in the upstairs room [max 250 people], which is all for one ticket.) (These Holland dates will pay a total of at least 1800 Euros)

Germany: (4 acts: Dufus/Jeff/Toby/Kimya- with Anders/Jack/Maurice, 7 travellers total)

Fri, Dec 6th – no show (?) (Possibiliy of playing Stefan Wagner’s radio show in Nurnberg)

Sat, Dec 7th Nurnberg, K4

Sun, Dec 8th – Frankfurt, Robert Johnson

Mon, Dec 9th – Hamburg, Tanzhalle

Tues, Dec 10th – Berlin, Bastard – 400e, & 70% after break even

France: (4 acts: Dufus/Jeff/Toby/Kimya- with Anders/Jack/Maurice, 7 travellers total)

Wed, Dec 11th – Nanci (?) unconfirmed

Thur, Dec 12th – Paris/Saint Ouen – at “Mains d”Uvres” (1 Rue Charles Garnier 93400 St. Ouen, phone 33-1-40-11-2525) 300 euro & 60% & dinner; contact Benoit 33-6-63-24-3917(with David Herman Dune, AKA Kungen, as DJ)

Fri, Dec 13th – Lille – La Maltere, 42 Rue Kuhlmann, 59800 (with available drums, amps, food & house to sleep/park at. Contacts: Damien & Christophe)

England again: (4 acts: Dufus/Jeff/Toby/Kimya- with Anders/Jack/Maurice, 7 travellers total)

Sun, Dec 15th- London – Metro Club, Oxford St(Accom provided) (contact: )

Jack/Anders/Jeff will fly home to NY on Mon Dec 16th. Don’t know about the others… THINGS WE NEED TO DO NOW FOR TRANSPORTATION: book van for UK/Ireland, from morning of Nov 15th to Nov 29th or 30th. book ferry for van/passengers from Scotland to Belfast on Nov 23rd and from Dublin to England on Nov 27 or 28th (I’ve got a price quote of 317 pounds round trip, meaning 8 people and a vehicle [“car under 6 meters”]travel from Stanraer to Belfast on Nov 23, and then from Dublin Port to Holyhead, England on Nov 27th. The problem is the Stenaline Ferry website says to get prices for a van you must call up 087-05-70-70-70) book flights from Amsterdam to London on eve of Dec 14th or morning of Dec 15th -Jeff



If anybody has more detailed gig location/date information from 2002 please email and we can continue to add information to the above. Thanks!