May 2020

Dancing live all week! May 1-6


Tune in here!

To misquote Lou Reed, “some people like to stay in dancing / and other people, they gotta work!”

To support those who are working while I stay in dancing, I’m gonna dance from 4pm-4:30pm EST every day this first week of May, starting May 1, 2020, Labor Day!

I suppose I’ll try to pick a different charity to support each day. 
First dance was in support of the Last Mile volunteer network, they have a GoFundMe for getting PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), such as masks and face-shields, directly into the hands of frontline healthcare workers during this Covid-19 crisis. On May 1 I donated to the New York volunteer team #NYCPPE (on the Last Mile link below you can pick which region to support, or a general national fund).
Please consider sending them something too, at…/last-mile

On the second day May 2 I donated to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, to support their current work during this Covid-19 crisis. I hope that inspires you to consider sending them something too, at

I’ve been dancing indoors just about every day for over 50 days now!
I daresay I’ve never been healthier or happier! I recommend it!!
If you tune in to the dancing on Facebook please comment and say where you’re watching from…
And if you know the title/artist of the songs in my dance playlist, shout ‘em out! Rather than announce the names I’ll leave you to call ’em… 
And if you have suggested songs for me to dance to tomorrow, let me know!
PS – To hear a Jeffrey Lewis indoor dance playlist you can go here:…/6M31NKaBDw5O…
PPS – Where do I get money to donate? From the art and music that I sell! You can find my stuff here: