Indie-Rock Fortune Cookie

Indie-Rock Fortune Cookie
July 1998

Side A
1) The East River
2) Another Girl
3) 3/4 Moon (version one)
4) Life
5) Flippity-Floppity
6) Everyone's Honest
7) Songs About Songwriting
8) Heavy Heart

Side B
9) The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song
10) Viviane From Washington Square
11) Gravity Sue
12) Clyde and Alyda
13) The Man With The Golden Arm

48 minutes of music on a 60 minute cassette, comprised of eleven Jeff solo acoustic songs recorded by Whip onto four-track, July 18-19, and additional two bedroom boombox recordings made July 26 featuring Jack on bass/lead vocal, Jeff on acoustic/backing vocal. Maybe a couple hundred cassette copies made and sold (for three dollars; four page comic and fortune included) over the following years. 100 copies pressed onto CDR in February 2001. (Recorded July 18, 19, 26; released Tues July 28, 1998, at Jeffrey & Jack’s first gig, at Sidewalk NYC.)