HEY HEY, IT’S… The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band

HEY HEY, IT'S... The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band

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May 2013

01. More Fun Than Anyone (Stampfel)
02. Hey Hey (sort of by Stampfel & Lewis)
03. All the Time in the World (Stampfel & Lewis)
04. All Around the Block (Stampfel & Lewis)
05. Do You Know Who I Am?! I'm %$&*?in' Snooki!! (Stampfel & Lewis)
06. Another Inch of Rainfall (Lewis)
07. Isn't Summer Fun (Stampfel)
08. Moscow Nights (Tuli Kupferberg, based on old melody)
09. Duke of the Beatniks (Stampfel)
10. Money, Marbles and Chalk (Eckler & Lewis)
11. Indie Bands on Tour (Lewis)
12. Crazy Creek (That's Where We're Sending You)(Jackson & Stampfel & Lewis)
13. Mule Train (Lange/Heath/Scott/Glickman)

13-song album featuring the 2013 Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band, featuring Spencer Chakedis, Isabel Martin and Heather Wagner! Born in 1938 and recording since 1963, Peter Stampfel is a living legend of NYC folk madness, an original Holy Modal Rounder, an early member of the Fugs, and in more recent decades a musical collaborator with Gary Lucas, Yo La Tengo and many others… Jeffrey has been working with Peter since Peter’s musical contributions to the 2005 “City & Eastern Songs” sessions. Their first full-on collaboration album was 2011’s “Come on Board,” which worked out so well they decided to do an even better one.

Entirely recorded and mixed in a couple days at Brooklyn’s Emandee Studios, with engineer Mark Ospovat, in April 2013.

CD includes full liner notes by Jeffrey and Peter.
(first released May 2013)


Hey Hey made it onto a surprising number of year-end “Best-of-2013” album lists, considering it was just a self-released CD with no promotional/review copies sent out… here are 6 “Best-of-2013” lists that we know of which included the Hey Hey album:

1) James Bradley (Update Contributor), OTHER MUSIC (#8 of the year’s top 10)


2) NoDepression.com “10 Albums I Should Totally Have Blogged About in 2013”


3) “Give It Up For 2013” Odyshape.com (#2 of the year’s top ten)


4) Jersey Beat’s Best of 2013, Jim Testa (#3 of the year’s top ten)


5) Trash Flow Radio’s Best 25 Albums of 2013, Ken Katkin (#16 of 25) (also Jeffrey’s single WWPRD is #3 on Trash Flows list of Best 15 Singles of 2013)


6) Big Rock Candy Mountain (#20 of year’s top 80, or something like that)