March 20, 2020

With the worldwide virus-alert lockdown going on, all gigs and events and tours have been put on indefinite hiatus; but more info (and gigs) will come as soon as possible. For now, stay tuned for new material and appearances on Facebook and Instagram... And please be well, stay healthy and happy, wash hands frequently and thoroughly, and stay indoors as much as you can! "This too shall pass..."

JOINING THE MODERN WORLD BLISSFULLY (or, dragged into modernity, kicking and screaming): If you just want to send money directly to Jeffrey without even buying anything, you can use this new PayPal Me service (like, if you feel guilty for listening free for ten years and now wanna donate a buck, or whatever!)...

Thanks everybody who came to the FEB-MARCH 2020 Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage BAD WIRING EUROPEAN TOUR!

NEW ALBUM "Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage: Bad Wiring"is out worldwide NOW! For USA/CAN/AUS order here, for UK/Europe order here!

JANUARY 13-20, 2020 - ENGLAND: Thanks everybody who attended the Jeffrey Lewis solo acoustic little 6-day visit to the UK. Some free record shop in-store talks/signings and radio programs and a couple solo-acoustic gigs. This is all to promote the recent release of the new album Bad Wiring.

Mon Dec 23, 2019- WORLDWIDE - Jeffrey Lewis live online doing a Reddit AMA... 12pm-3pm (NYC time). This is a live question and answer session, open to anybody who wants to send a question to Jeffrey, questions which will be answered live online. Tune in and find Jeffrey answering questions here! (And ask a question, if you wanna!)

HEY, check out our new music video, for "Except For the Fact That it Isn't"!

Thanks everybody who came to our USA album-release tour in November! (and album-release gig in NYC, Oct 28!)


Thanks everybody who came to see our European/UK tour dates in September 2019.

So sad and shocked to report the death of David Berman. The 3 Purple Mountains/Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts gigs are cancelled, in Washington DC, Boston and NYC. I hope to hear of some sort of tribute events or anything of that nature; would love to participate if something's happening. <>

A NEW Jeffrey Lewis album has been recorded, in Nashville, with producer Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo, Lou Reed, etc!)! Stay tuned for full info on title, release-date, record label, etc!

The Jeffrey Lewis illustration "SilverJewsLand" (the works of David Berman of Silver Jews/Purple Mountains) is NOW available! Order directly from Jeffrey here! (Plus there's also a full-color 1-page comic book on the history of the Silver Jews written/drawn by Jeffrey in the July/August issue of Mojo Magazine!)

This current website has been online for over ten years, and is finally going to be upgraded and modernized to a new site soon. More info tba.

Thanks everybody who came to the APRIL USA TOUR DATES 2019! And the JUNE UK/Ireland TOUR DATES 2019!

The self-released live tribute CD "13 Fall Songs" by Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts is out now!

Vinyl reissue of the 2005 "City & Eastern Songs" album is out 8/24/18, on LP for the first time ever, a co-release between Jeffrey Lewis and Don Giovanni Records! New insert art & bonus tracks! Black vinyl + limited clear pressing avail via @RoughTrade Preorder. Black Vinyl: Clear Vinyl:

Jeffrey Lewis, with Peter Stampfel and the Deposit Returners band, featuring Steve Espinola, have recorded an album of covers of songs written by Tuli (Fugs) Kupferberg! The album is "Works by Tuli Kupferberg (1923-2010), As Interpreted (And/Or Misinterpreted) by Jeffrey Lewis & The Deposit Returners" and it's NOW OUT WORLDWIDE on Don Giovanni Records! The first 86 people to order the CD from Don Giovanni will get an exclusive bonus download of 4 extra songs. Buy here!

There's ALSO a third Jeffrey Lewis/Peter Stampfel album almost finished! Whoah, and actually now also a FOURTH Jeffrey Lewis/Peter Stampfel album almost finished! No titles or release-dates yet...


RIP David Peel, 1942-2017. Over 25 albums, eternal icon of NYC underground rock & roll, familiar voice of the neighborhood.

A number of albums have recently been added to the Jeffrey Lewis Bandcamp page...

Jeffrey's newest comic book Fuff # 11 is available here!

Our newest music video - "Sad Screaming Old Man"- is on Youtube here!

Our other newest music video - "Support Tours" - is on Youtube here!

The album "Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts: MANHATTAN" is now out worldwide on Rough Trade Records!!

The vinyl LP of The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane is back in stock, here!

The full-color Jeffrey Lewis illustration of 100 songs by the band The Fall is available here!

The first-ever vinyl LP edition of "It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through" is available via Don Giovanni Records... Or order directly from Jeffrey HERE! This deluxe vinyl edition contains extra artwork, a download code for the whole album, and a bonus CD with 12 non-album tracks from the 2002-early 2004 time period that the album represents!


Out now! Recorded at the Automat: The Best of Rough Trade Records is an incredible new 3-CD, 60-song compilation of Rough Trade tracks from 1978 thru the present day! Check out full details here!

The now out-of-print 2014 album "Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams," is available for download on Bandcamp here.

The 32-page comic book issue Fuff # 10 is available at the Jeffrey Lewis online shop...

Interview with Jeffrey on the Conversations With Matt Dwyer podcast...

There a NEW Professor Louie CD! Professor Louie: Class is now available directly from Jeffrey's shopping page here.

Jeffrey's illustrated music video for the Belgian musican Milow is now on Youtube here!

"The Truth of Revolution, Brother" is a book about "punk philosophy" and the current state of punk's legacy in modern culture, featuring interview material from Jeffrey Lewis along with Steve Albini, Ian MacKaye, Crass and many, many others... a nice book "trailer" video is here.

NOTE: Many discussions and lyrics and other info and projects are posted at the Jeffrey Lewis Message Board! Check the "Comic Book" category of the board for some art stuff... (feel free to post comments and/or add your own images too!).