CITY & EASTERN TAPES (Demos, Live & Out-takes)

(First released July 2008, buyable HERE)

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18-song CD compiled in 2008 by Jeffrey Lewis; this is a companion to the 2005 "City & Eastern Songs" album. "City & Eastern TAPES" is 12 tracks of demos and alternate versions plus 6 never-released album out-take songs. These 18 raw versions document Jeffrey & Jack Lewis (with drummer David Beauchamp) in 2004-2005 and what the "City & Eastern Songs" album MIGHT have been if it had been recorded in the same home-made lo-fi style as Jeff's first two albums, and had the songs for the official album not been re-recorded in a professional studio in 2005 with Kramer as producer. The 12 officially released glossy Kramer productions on "City & Eastern Songs" are great in their own right, but this "Tapes" compilation is a must for fans of Jeff's earlier lo-fi recordings - plus there's 6 songs never released on a Jeffrey Lewis album before!

1. Posters (early recording)

2. Don't Be Upset (radio session)

3. Wiliamsburg Will Oldham Horror (live)

4. Something Good (early demo)

5. The Singing Tree (radio session)

6. Anxiety Attack (early demo)

7. Time Machine (alternative earlier recording)

8. Moving (radio session)

9. Art Land (early recording)

10. New Old Friends (radio session)

11. They Always Knew (early recording)

12. Had It All (radio session)

(Bonus Tracks):

13. Summertime Called (unreleased demo)

14. Journey To The Center of the Earth (unreleased demo)

15. Chicago (unreleased demo, w/David Herman Dune)

16. Don't Be Scared (unreleased ARE Weapons cover)

17. Acoustic Instrumental (Flower For Fahey) (unreleased demo)

18. Electric Instrumental (Buy Nothing Day) (unreleased studio out-take)