(Released spring 2001)

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13 songs released on CDR, from 23 four-track recordings made in April/May 2001. Jeff accompanied by various friends, including Jen Frost, Dong-Su Cho, "Lina & the Scalapes" and Laurie Brown. Two pressings on CDR, of 100 copies each. First CDR pressing has a different recording of "You Don't Have To Be A Scientist...".


1) Vampire Bats at the Congress Bridge

2) Guitar Situations Texas

3) Aaron H. (early version of "Alphabet")

4) Hast Du Spas Gehabt?

5) You Don't Have To Be A Scientist To Do Experiments On Your Own Heart (first pressing has version two; second pressing has version three)

6) Don't Cry Folksinger Don't Cry

7) Grinding at the Grindhouse

8) What is Your Dream?

9) Arrow (version two)

10) Lost Austin Lament

11) Billie Holiday

12) The New Guild Co-Op is Very Awesome

13) last thoughts on A./G.S. TX Reprise